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Spa menu

Aether Spa menu includes four elements of nature Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Choose your element for unforgettable spa experience…



Healing classic massage

Classic massage has a beneficial effect on the entire body, since the whole body is being worked on. Which increases muscle tone and joint elasticity, improves blood and lymph flow. Relief muscle tension and eases aches and pains in tired overworked muscles.

60/90 minutes


Anti-cellulite massage

Stimulation of the development of “youth proteins” – elastin and collagen, improving circulation and providing lymphatic drainage. As a result, the number of fat cells is reduced. In addition, massage makes the muscles more elastic, making them look young and attractive and helping to get rid of cellulite.

60/90 minutes

Balinese massage

Amazing effect of relaxation and assuagement, which is achieved by touching the inner parts of the palm and elbow, as well as through methods of acupuncture. Due to the blood flow to the internal organs, massage has a healing effect, saturating the body with oxygen.

60/90 minutes


Relaxing Polynesian journey with Thalion

This ritual is a caress offering total pleasure which guides us towards a world free of stress and agitation. Relaxed, the body is savoring a pure relaxing moment, in an atmosphere of the perfumes of the tiara flower and coconut.

120 minutes


Time of Ritual with Dibi Milano

Discover the new Treatment Experience dedicated to the place where your soul lives: your Body. To reawaken the skin and the senses, to cleanse, prepare and relax.

A sensory experience of stress release treatment, for luminous and revitalized looking skin right from the start, ready to receive subsequent treatments. For smoother, renewed, radiant, more toned looking skin, a positive mood booster.

60 minutes


Japanese Onsen with Olos

For perfect velvet and glowing skin.

Using Japanese skincare traditions with rice extracts will make your skin velvet, soothed and glowing.

90 minutes

Slimming wrapping with Styx

A unique method of “bandaging” or wet swaddling, with virtually no contraindications. During the procedure, you will feel the mild heat, alternating with a pleasant coolness, a surge of strength and energy. Swaddling – or wet wraps, are absolutely organic. With combination application by your choice:

– Cool & Hot with rose oil is ideal for the treatment of stubborn cellulite, has a tonic and antioxidant effect, stimulates microcirculation, activates the metabolism. Can be applicable during pregnancy for prevention appearing stretch marks.

– Freshness and lightness is developed for the treatment of vein problems and spider veins, for swollen and painful legs. It‘s pleasant stimulates blood circulation. Use for a lasting thermal effect.

– Royal treatment with caviar cream for lifting effect.


Psammotherapy (Hot Sand Therapy)

No matter where you are located, whether in an urban setting, or even a mountain. With Psammo table you’ll find yourself on the beach, with warm sand and sea breeze.

Combination of soft massage by herbal pouches, singing bowls and inversion therapy, also known as zero gravity, creates an ideal stretch. That improves spinal health and targets back pain by helping to rehydrate discs, reduce nerve pressure, realign the spine, relax tense muscles, ease stress, improve joint health.

60 minutes

Lunchtime nap

In our stressful life with work, problems and worries you should stop for a moment and find time for your soul and body.

Take a break from work for lunchtime nap. In short time you will restore the balance, fill with energy and get the power for new achievements.

60 minutes / or by your choice

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